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3 No-Fail Ways to Collect Email Addresses

3 No-Fail Ways to Collect Email Addresses

3 No-Fail Ways to Collect Email Addresses

There’s no need to fear asking your customers, clients and contacts for their email addresses!

I hear it frequently – businesses are afraid to ask for email addresses. They hate spam in their own inbox and expect that customers may react to asking as an invitation to spam.

Your email marketing is not spam

Not if you are doing it right. Read on…

There are 3 important elements to growing your contact list:

1. Asking vs. Offering Value

They will undoubtedly say “No, I get too much email already.” If you ask a yes/no question you are shooting yourself in the foot because a customer’s knee-jerk response will usually be “No” even if they might say “Yes.” Offer, don’t ask – a direct request puts a prospect on the defensive.

Instead, educate and offer:

Try something like: Sign up for our list and you’ll get a monthly (bi-monthly, etc) email newsletter filled with product information and sale notifications before the public!

or… “Try one, you can one-click unsubscribe if you change your mind.

2. Eliminate objections:

  • “We don’t sell our email list to anyone. It is strictly for our store communications.”


  • “You can 1-click un-subscribe at any time. Sign up and if you don’t find it of value, just opt-out!”

3. Entice them with exclusive features:

  • “We have very few public sales, but our email customers get exclusive coupons and notices of specials in the newsletters.”
  • “Our email newsletters include information about new products, events and specials.”

Practice these responses with your staff and you will watch your list GROW quickly!!! As a result, your regular communications will increase customer loyalty.

Why Email?

  • It’s cost-effective: Direct mail vs. email
  • For the same response, direct mail costs 20 TIMES as much as email [Forrester Research, Inc.]
  • Email ROI is the highest when compared to other internet marketing mediums [Direct Marketing Association]

Make it easy!

Keep a sign up sheet or attractive guest book at the cash wrap for people to sign up as they wait for you to ring their sale.

If you use Constant Contact for your email marketing, you have options to make it easy for your customers to sign up:

  • “Text to join” where you can create your own branded message for text subscribing on the spot on their mobile device. This handy tool enters their email address directly to your contact list and is more accurate since one doesn’t need to decipher bad handwriting
  • “Join our mailing list” buttons for your newsletters, Facebook page, websites, etc.
  • Custom URL for your branded email signature

When you make subscribing easy, more will opt-in.

Now make sure you keep the 50/30/20 rule in your newsletters – 50% entertaining / 30% tips and education / 20% promotion – and keep your open rate high.

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