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Engagement and Why Your Facebook Page Isn’t Getting Any

Engagement and Why Your Facebook Page Isn’t Getting Any

Engagement and Why Your Facebook Page Isn’t Getting Any

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Why aren’t your engagements stats better? Please don’t say it’s because you don’t understand engagement! If that were true, you’d have a heck of a time having any type of relationship with your customers and clients. You engage with them daily. Now you just need to translate these skills to social media.

Engagement is gold in social media, yet still one of the most misunderstood and neglected aspects of social media. If your small business social media accounts aren’t showing engagement results, it’s most likely because you aren’t actively engaged.

So, when a new small business client tells me they “aren’t on social media” because they “aren’t tech savvy,” my antennas raise up a bit, and one of my eyebrows goes up really high. Why? Because I know they are using a SmartPhone, a computer, and likely a tablet or two to help them run their business.

But, I play along. My job is to help them understand the why of good results…

IMAGE_Young adults Group taking picture The next discussion usually revolves around “I don’t know anything about social media.” I am tempted to ask them where was the last place they saw a family picture, heard what a friend was up to, saw a picture of the latest chef special at their favorite lunch place, learned about an event in their area, saw a news story, …  Yup, the answer is likely Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Where did they find me? Oh, yeah, on my website or on my social profile or reading my email newsletter. Where? Yup, on one of these techy thingies: SmartPhone, laptop, desktop, or tablet.

They might even have a Smart TV. Alexa. Video Surveillance for their business. This morning, they used their car’s GPS to get out of traffic. And they regularly make a mobile deposits or an online transfer with their bank’s app.

Ok, I’ve made my point. People are more tech savvy than they realize!

I don’t balk, because I know what they are really saying to me is they don’t know how to do business oriented social media for their specific business and, they don’t have the time to invest in the learning curve. I GET IT. There is a big learning curve toward doing social media for business – successfully. And schedules are already overflowing.

I get straight with clients. I tell them I can maintain, sustain, and manage your account for you, but “I can’t make it thrive without your participation.”

So, let’s talk about the easiest and most basic way to increase engagement. Visual posting. Social Media for business is virtually all images and video now. I can do a lot for you with the information I gather relevant to your business, but you are the only one who is physically THERE in the mix of your business activity, and that’s what followers want to see and respond to best. Download the app and post directly to your social media account. Or send your social media manager those photos and videos and let them work the magic.

So, starting today – Remove that SmartPhone from your pocket and capture what’s behind the door:*IMAGE_Cook in the Kitchen

  • customer/client moments
  • that new display you just spent 2 hours creating
  • the new merchandise you are unpacking or the new dish you are creating
  • kooky moments with staff
  • celebrations – large or small
  • capture a live moment
  • record a quick video testimonial of a happy client or customer
  • show the stockroom or kitchen in action

Displays don’t need to be perfect, you don’t need a fresh haircut, you don’t need a script.

My best analogy for the OCDs out there is to recognize that if you walk into a spotless home, it appears as if no one lives there. How can followers learn the “personality” of your business if you insist on only taking a picture when everything is just perfect!

Fans want to see imperfections. They want to see the human side of your business. They want to see who you are behind that door. Let ’em in with images, video, live broadcasts.

If you have a social media business presence, each of those accounts should include “on location” updates. Even if only once a week (more frequently is great, but ya gotta start somewhere).

I am convinced it is a matter of creating a habit. In other words, a habit or practice is only created with an initial action. If you don’t purposefully intend to start a new behavior, you’ll never achieve spontaneity when that wow moment strikes.

Start today with the goal of pulling that SmartPhone or camera out just once today. Even if not one customer came in today, take a picture of something that reveals what’s on the other side of that entrance door or in your office.

Be the customer who has never set foot in your place of business. Set the scene in your mind …you’ve driven by dozens of times but never gone in. What if you saw the faces of the staff, the display walls, the atmosphere… Get the idea?

Don’t let your competition beat you on social media. Show your Stuff. Participate. Engagement will soar!

*TIP: Open a Dropbox or other cloud account to share your images and videos with your social media manager. They will often be too large to email and you’ll both have easy access.

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