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5 Keys to Posting for Better Engagement

5 Keys to Posting for Better Engagement

5 Keys to Posting for Better Engagement

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Good content is key to good engagement.

Small business owners need to learn and use best practices to write results driven marketing and product copy (i.e., a big part of content marketing).

Why? Because if you are hoping to get results from your social media and email marketing efforts, you are competing with an ever enlarging news feed vying for everyone’s attention. And that means competition is always trying newer and better ways to grab your followers’ attention away from your posts. Mostly with good content!

Don’t waste your time and energy posting a great photo with just a quick comment or emojis. Yes, less is more, but an image post without content messaging is next to nothing.

So, if you are the type that draws a blank for content when you post an image, consider that if your copy answers at least 3 out of the 5 Ws (described below), you will greatly enhance the likelihood of engagement.

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Marketers, Copywriters, Journalists, and writers in general, live and breathe by the 5 Ws: Who, What, When, Where, Why. You should, too. There’s no easier way to ensure your content is relevant to both your desired messaging and your readers understanding.

For example, say you are a small business shoe retailer with new inventory arriving. You take a picture of new product fresh out of the shipping box – great for on social media or a marketing email! (Tip: Followers love behind the scenes images.)

So what copy will you place with the image? Unfortunately, it is typical to see a post something like: “We are so excited to unpack these new shoes!”

Yeah? So what’s in it for the reader? Why should they care? What new shoes? Where?…

BTW, don’t forget you aren’t the only business in town. What if they don’t recognize your profile picture and can’t connect in their mind to your business?

In other words, never assume anyone cares enough to use their valuable and limited time figuring out your message behind the image. You must tell them! You must turn your perspective to the reader’s perspective. This is especially important today as newsfeeds and inboxes fill up fast and furious!

Use the 5 Ws as your 5 steps to better content:

  1. Who should care – “For all our Ankle boot lovers!” 
  2. What are the options available? – “New Styles and Lots of Colors!” 
  3. When will it be available? – “We’ll have them stocked and displayed by lunchtime.” 
  4. Where? – “Try on a pair today at [Company name and location].” 
  5. Why? – “You’ll want to wear them with all your leggings, jeggings, and jeans!”

…and add a HOW for emphasis – “Tell us you saw it on [Social page] for $10 off your new pair!”


No matter how busy you are as a small business owner or non-profit leader, the time to treat social and email marketing casually is over! You need to address all forms of marketing seriously to get results.

This doesn’t mean you take the fun and casual feel out of your marketing.

Take some time this weekend to “study” your successful competitors’ posts. Notice which types of posts get the most engagement. Now learn from it!

It’s kind of like the “Casual Friday” conundrum. There’s casual, and then there’s professional casual. The one that takes some effort to put together is the one that projects the best.

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