The Effects of Business Change…

The Effects of Business Change…

The Effects of Business Change…

“Change is inevitable. Growth is Optional.” John C. Maxwell

There is a culture that exists in every business and you must have an  intervention of sorts to change that culture when it is stands in the way of growth.

Not having the courage to implement this change is commonly where the progress stops. If you sincerely want to get your business back on the growth track, you can’t back down to those who resist positive change. Recognizing that is a major step.

“We’ve done it this way until you started making all these changes and we were just fine!” is the common refrain, but is a complete denial of responsibility for the decline of the business.

Yes, you are now the enemy and your new rules and direction will be manipulated and twisted to create group animosity, but it’s your business and your money, and this is survival time. If you stand firm and hold your ground, those who resist will fall away on their own. During change, it is tough to lose people, but the poison they spread among those who are open to change is far worse than maintaining a full staff.

Sink or swim? You are in control of the culture of your business, so what’s your choice?

Roll up your sleeves, ask your friends and family for support during this time of change for your business and dig in! The extra hours and hard work will be worth it in the end. The remaining staff were most likely already waiting for these changes and are grateful they are finally happening.

What’s your biggest fear regarding change in your business?

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