Is your website more like a cobweb-site

Check your Website for Mobile Use

Check your Website for Mobile Use

Check your Website for Mobile Use

When is the last time you visited your own website?

It’s a little scary how often I review a prospect’s website and it could virtually have spider webs on it for its lack of maintenance… Consider your website as your online brick and mortar. If you walked into your business place tomorrow and noticed maintenance issues, you’d fix them right away or risk looking unprofessional, right? Then why aren’t you treating your website the same way?

You might be the King or Queen of social media, but if your website is stale, outdated, neglected and NOT MOBILE RESPONSIVE… visitors may leave frustrated or with a bad impression AND your search rankings will suffer.

Mobile Friendly sites are more important than ever.

Yes, only a few years ago, some marketing gurus thought websites were headed for the graveyard, but they have grown more important than ever due to the increase of mobile and local search. Having a Website validates your small business.
Update: And now Google has made it abundantly clear they are giving top priority to mobile friendly.

Check your website on your desktop or laptop … Yes, Right now!

  • Do your pages load quickly?
  • Are your images optimized for the web and load quickly?
  • Is your branding current – colors, fonts, logo?
  • Are your staff pictures current? (Not good to include staff who were let go or quit!)
  • Are your business hours and information accurate?
  • Is your business address hyperlinked to a map?
  • Do you have broken links?
  • Do your links keep visitors on YOUR website?
  • Are your links brief and meaningful?

Do not rely on Spellcheck

E.g., A simple “r” left off of “you” when you meant “your” – won’t be caught by Spellcheck

Review your site on your mobile device now.

Yes, do it NOW – or what’s the point of reading this? Using a modern, mobile responsive template to ensure your information and branding appears correctly on all mobile devices is critically important.

It’s mobile friendly if:

  • your hyperlinks and buttons are thumb-clickable
  • you use no flash
  • you have plenty of white space between text
  • your pages are not text heavy
  • your text size is 14pt or larger
  • your phone number is clickable
  • each page is readable without the need to zoom or scroll

Google’s Free Mobile-Friendly Tool tests your site: but, if you aren’t using a mobile responsive template, you are painfully at risk of losing a visitor.

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