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Small Business Stories – An Introduction

Small Business Stories – An Introduction

Small Business Stories – An Introduction

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Small businesses begin with stories.

Small Businesses root in an idea, an inspiration, an event, a need – which leads to a story. 
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This post is an introduction to a new direction of blog posting I’m calling SMB Stories. Stories of the passions driving everyday people to become small business owners. I want to tell small business stories to share “the stuff” of small business owners.

My little blog, so far, is no better than the many small business articles you find online or at the bookstore. That’s likely why I haven’t posted much lately. What you don’t see online very often is the heart and soul of small businesses. The “Why.” And every story of small business origins is different – and personal. That’s what I intend to convey.

Many small business owners often fail to recognize the power of their stories. When I sign on a new client, I require they provide their stories of how they came to start their business. Why? Because there is a direct connection from how they began their business to how they actually run a business. Who they are as people and as small business leaders reflects in that business. Their stories should reflect in their marketing to distinguish them from all others.

Online shopping can’t provide that sense of connection.

Sometimes consumers discuss large and small business as if they were the same. They are not. And by definition, shouldn’t be.
Consumers often don’t realize they have a direct and personal connection to the hair salon, the dry cleaner, the produce stand, the preschool, the cobbler, the hardware store, the neighborhood restaurant, the convenience store, the gift store, the alterations store, the pet store… A connection that somehow adds value to our lives. The smile of recognition from their favorite small business owner is a shot of endorphin. It keeps them coming back.
My goal is to introduce those leaders we encounter on an every day level. Those same businesses that survive for decades in our neighborhoods and communities. When we lose one, it leaves a hole, a hole we didn’t even know they filled – until they were gone.
The local news will feature small business success or eventful stories. These won’t be those stories. My stories will focus on the human connection. The kind of connection only a small business owner can make to the goods and services we need in our daily lives. That connection doesn’t exist online.
Let me know if enjoy these stories – most customers never hear. Think about when you have learned the story behind a business. It made a difference to you, didn’t it? Did it inspire or touch you, or make you smile? Perhaps it made a difference in your day, even your life.
I intend to do honor to these small businesses by writing their stories in my upcoming posts. Maybe you will gain a new perspective on what it takes to own and run a small business. And how special these people are.
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Note: If you would like to recommend a small business to feature, please contact me and I’ll do my best to get their story. 

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