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Branding is More Important than Creativity

Branding is More Important than Creativity

Branding is More Important than Creativity

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Branding: The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’ mind … (

Image of Car wrap branding failSo, I took a photo of this business van in transit the other day.

Can you see how a business can get carried away with messaging and graphics? First, look at it for just a few seconds. Then look away. After all, you would most likely see this marketing in moving traffic.

In motion, with only a few seconds to catch a call-to-action (CTA) on this vehicle:

  • Did your eye land where the business wants your eye to land?
  • Were you able to determine which graphic is the brand logo?
  • Is it clear whether this is a mosquito solution company or a general pest control company? Or maybe a landscaping company that also handles mosquito problems?
  • Is it clear which URL is priority and why?
  • Did you see what the business wants you to see here amidst the dark sky, clouds, and landscape background graphic?

My guess is they wanted to catch your eye with the cute vampire mosquito graphic and the URL underneath is for an association that will lead to the main brand site.

If that is the case, why include all the other clutter?

I searched that URL, and once I landed on that page, I saw the other tabs of every other kind of pest service they offer. But, on this van, there is no CTA on that scope of services.

Sure, the name on the badge logo and the main website at the bottom indicates pests in general, but since the main in-your-face focus on this car wrap is all about Vampire Mosquitoes, if I don’t have a mosquito problem, will I look beyond that big mosquito graphic and URL underneath? Not likely.

Not Smart Marketing.

Now, let’s look at another vehicle branding example I spotted on the same day.

Image of car wrap branding with good marketing practices

Wow. Big difference.

  • Clean. Unassuming. Easy on the eye.
  • No confusion on any element included here.
  • The logo is very legible and immediately calls to mind landscaping.

If you can’t remember the phone number, you can’t miss the name of the company and what they do. Do they really need anything else here? No.

This is Smart Marketing.

Marketing Moral to the story?

Keep it simple, clear, and consistent in branding and CTAs. Don’t confuse potential prospects or you’ll risk losing them.

Note: None of the websites mentioned is mobile responsive, nor indicates any social presence. They do need a more modern template and social links, but this post is focused on their vehicle branding, not their online presence.

(Guess I’ll need to give them both a shout about that!)

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