You’re either LinkedIn or out: Why your profile should be complete.

Image by Christopher S. Penn via Flickr

If you aren’t benefiting from LinkedIn, maybe you are at fault.

Have you:

  • Uploaded a recent, good quality photo
  • Completed your Summary, Experience, Education, Awards, Contact Info
  • Joined and participated in relevant groups in your industry and fields of experience
  • Asked for recommendations
  • Made connections
  • Customized your public profile and profile url
  • Listed Skills
  • Included Volunteer Experience & Causes
  • Listed Certifications
  • Added your Social Media Links
  • Added your blog and website links
  • and everything else LinkedIn allows!

Aren’t you worth it?

Yes, it’s some work, but the more information you have on your profile, the better chance you’ll have to be viewed in recruiter search results, a search of  an associate who may want to do business with you, a company looking for employees and more. Work on your profile a little at a time and you’ll complete it sooner than you thought.

Already have a job and think you don’t need LinkedIn?

If an outside search for someone with your skills and experience could result in a better job offer, would you want anyone to miss your skills and experience? If you haven’t completed your profile on LinkedIn, you are hidden from possible opportunities.

Think no one’s looking?

Recruiters are loving LinkedIn. It is far more efficient for employers and recruiters to comb LinkedIn via keyword searches. They get relevant results of qualified candidates that far surpass old fashioned classified advertising.

Your associates are looking, too.

Think you aren’t searched on LinkedIn by potential clients, associates, business partners, job prospects, and even friends? Think again.
The first place many seek to learn about someone is to search their social media profiles. If you don’t think it matters to be on LinkedIn, search a few LinkedIn profiles of colleagues and peers. You’ll see you might be missing the boat…

Think Groups are a waste of time?

Participating in groups relevant to your industry and interests is a professional means to gain exposure for your expertise. If someone is impressed with your response to a question, they might view your profile.

Having an incomplete profile is worse than no profile at all! Get started today.

Go here: and get started!!!