Your Twitter username – does it make it clear to your followers who you are?

Twitter CartoonDoes your Twitter username give people an immediate knowing of who you are?

I bet the first name you thought of was probably already taken. No worries if you’re not happy with what you signed up with,


A. Your Twitter personality develops over time as you become more comfortable with providing content therefore giving you a better handle on what you should use as a name, and

B. You CAN change your twitter username* later (just don’t wait too long).

And your bio? You can change it daily so don’t sweat it. Sometimes I get struck by a quote and make it my bio. I currently have a business profile bio, but I may get bored with that soon. I’m a slave to change, and if you get inspired to change your bio based on your mood, go for it! It’ll keep you fresh in the face of your followers.

But back to names…

I have never changed my username. I like mine, @bizcommunicator, because it simply says what I do. I help small biz (small businesses) and non-profits communicate with their customers and members. AND I communicate social media and email marketing tips and ideas.

But think hard about your name. Are you forcing followers to analyze your bio to determine who you are? It’s ok to use your real name, but if you aren’t well-known, it won’t necessarily attract anyone.

The main reason I didn’t use my real name is because it is often abused in pronunciation and I really hate that 🙁

My name is Hania. If I said Tanya or Sonya, no one would have a problem saying it, but as soon as people see Hania, they say Hanna or Haneeya or some other messup – anything but the way it should be which is Hania (HOHN-ya ). It’s a Polish name… Can you tell it bugs me :S !  But I digress.

I also didn’t use my real name because @bizcommunicator helped to clarify in a flash what I was about.

Here are some examples of usernames that tell you clearly what they do:

@MegsMurals @favthingsATL  @ManageBetterNow

So unless you are @LadyGaga or a social media guru like @ChrisBrogan, it’s best to pick a self-descriptive username so people can know right away what you are about. They’ll also be more likely to follow you.

And please, play around with your background! A boilerplate is so boring… I guess that’s my next post 🙂

*So how do you change your Twitter name? Use the link below for instructions.

Twitter does a great job with how-tos. It’s easy and won’t change or delete anything already there. You followers and those you are following will remain. Just don’t forget to tweet about the change for a few weeks to make sure your followers know it’s still you.

If you follow me @bizcommunicator, I’ll follow you back 🙂 I also have a page on Facebook: Please follow me there, too and I’ll return the favor!