Your Staff is Your Best Investment Toward Success

Employee Turnover SucksTurnover sucks profits from your business

It’s never good to lose staff – for you or your customers. Will your staff leave you? Not if you buy them pastries.  😉 kidding.

The real reason they most often leave is they don’t feel you have their backs.

SMB Owners and managers – stand behind staff challenged by customers, delivery people, administrators, anyone. Good, loyal associates are damaged if you disrespect them – especially in front of others.

Either give them the authority to make decisions – based on your good training – or leave ALL decisions up to you. Do you really want total control? No.

Customers are happy when a decision can be made on the spot.

Pay them well, and praise them well.


  • pay better wages with raises based on merit?
  • have good training and follow-up?
  • have a reward system?
  • have a review policy?
  • smile?

Your staff will be your best asset if you train them well and support their growth. You do get what you give. Customer service levels are a direct reflection of your staff’s interpretation of what they are worth to you. Market well all you want, but remember, it’s what happens on the floor that makes the sale – and your staff is your customers’ most direct experience of Your SMB.

Think hard about that.