Email Open Rates Graph

You Have “Only” a 20-30% Open Rate? Consider Your Email Marketing a Success!


In my last post,  I discussed the good news that Mobile Email opens are increasing. But the bad news is that your open rate report percentages will probably go down or not properly reflect how many recipients are actually opening your emails.


From Constant Contact re open reports (and it’s pretty much the same for all email service providers):

…if the contact has decided not to or can’t display images, that image won’t be loaded and we can’t verify that the email was opened. That’s why we have measures in place to track when a contact clicks a link in your email, as well.
Using these two ways to determine when an email is opened allows us to be pretty accurate. However, you can always encourage your contacts to add you to their address books or enable image viewing to make sure that no open is left behind.

That last line is pretty much useless (bs) as no one or nothing can “make sure” no open is left behind. It would take too much detective work for most to track when an uptick in opens means recipients added you to their address book and/or enabled viewing against whether your email was just opened by more people for that particular email. So a bunch of placating BS if you ask me. But it’s not their fault it occurs. I just wish they’d be more direct in their attempt to explain it all.

And just how IS an email open rate calculated?

EMAIL OPENS = EMAILS OPENED divided by EMAILS SENT minus BOUNCED EMAILS – assuming they all displayed their images or clicked on a link!

SO what can you do?

  • Add more links to test interest since those are definitely tracked no matter what!
  • Distribute your email link EVERYWHERE – social media, posts, website, etc.
  • Create an archive link for all your emails and post the archive link everywhere as well. You can even use it as part of your regular email signature ( I just thought of that – I need to do that, too!)

Is there any consolation here?

Yes. You can easily tack on a good 5-15% to your open rate for those invisible opens…

In other words, your open rate is better than you thought – and always has been…