You Bet Your “National Taco Day” It’s Worth Having a Twitter Account!

You Bet Your “National Taco Day” It’s Worth Having a Twitter Account!

You Bet Your “National Taco Day” It’s Worth Having a Twitter Account!

October 4th is National Taco Day!

Of course, I would have posted this at the beginning of the day if I had known earlier. Sorry if you missed any related festivities! 😉

And, if you are not partial to tacos, just wait a few days. Apparently there is a  some kind of national food day just about every day here in the USA!

But why am I talking about NTD and how did I find out about this unique food day? …

Twitter, of course!!!

Why is this blog worthy?

Think about it… If you are a Mexican restaurant, food chain, etc. wouldn’t it make sense for you to get in on this action? The tweets go on and on. Notice the first tweet is from the press – the Kansas City Star. If you have a taco place in KC, and responded to this tweet in any way, you’d get free notice!!! Just sayin’…

Why so many businesses still don’t think Twitter is of value, I can’t figure out…

Oh, well, there are still lots of Twitter opportunities…  🙂

October 5 National Apple Betty Day
October 6 National Noodle Day
October 9 National Dessert Day
October 10 National Angel Food Cake Day
October 11 National Sausage Pizza Day
October 13 National Peanut Festival
October 13 National Pumpkin Festival
October 15 National Mushroom Day
October 17 National Pasta Day
October 18 National Chocolate Cupcake Day
October 20 National Brandied Fruit Day
October 22 National Nut Day
October 23 National Boston Cream Pie Day
October 24 National Bologna Day
October 26 National Mincemeat Day
October 28 National Chocolate Day
October 29 National Oatmeal Day
October 30 National Candy Corn Day (of course 🙂 for Halloween!)

and more…

But, alas, there is no National Garbanzo Bean day! Stephan Pastis apparently made it up!
Go have a taco! And tweet about it! And while you’re there, follow me!/bizcommunicator

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