What’s in a Username or rather, how to change your Facebook username

What’s in a Username or rather, how to change your Facebook username

What’s in a Username or rather, how to change your Facebook username

I am officially on a one woman mission to have every Facebook user customize their url.What's in a name - Shakespeare

So what’s the big deal about a Facebook URL?

That which we call a url by any other name will still lead you to the right Facebook page, but will it look as professional or as social media savvy or be as easy for others to find?!

Call me picky, but I go nuts when people have not customized their profile and page usernames (url)!

Maybe they are still thinking one has to have 25 likes to be allowed – that rule NO LONGER applies.

Maybe they simply didn’t know they could?

Or worse… maybe they don’t care if anyone can find them? Argh!

Maybe it’s just me…

Aren’t you tired of people telling you to “just find me on Facebook” and then because they have the same name as 4 million others on Facebook you never find them? And how many businesses also have similar names and so you can’t find the one you want on Facebook?

Haven’t you ever wondered how others have an easy URL??

A customized URL looks like you want it to look – nice, clean, clear, simple:

Like mine – https://www.facebook.com/WhitfieldConsulting

or like Lady Gaga – https://www.facebook.com/ladygaga

or Like the store REI – https://www.facebook.com/REI

instead of like these 🙁



Especially those of you with business pages! Ever try saying to a customer “find me at mybusinessname/237548497348” ?!

I declare no more strange random letters and numbers that no one could possibly place on a business card or ad!

And no more leading new contacts astray aimlessly trying to find your Facebook page when your name is the same as 4 million  other names on Facebook!

Here’s how you do it! It’s this easy…DO IT NOW! And spread the word!

(here’s its link, too, if it’s hard to read – https://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=162586890471598&ref_query=change+userna)

Facebook URL customization

Thanks for letting me rant…!

Next, your LinkedIn public profile name – yes, you can customize that, too! And should!


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