Vacations are Vital Toward Productivity

Vacations are Vital Toward Productivity

Vacations are Vital Toward Productivity

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One of my favorite quotes comes from Star Trek (the original series):

The more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play.
Kirk in “Shore¬†Leave”

Well said! I think it is timely for the Labor Day Holiday to realize that we need to let our brains rest, too. Labor Day is not just for blue collar workers. We need to recognize that sometimes our greatest inspirations come during our playtime.

How often do you walk away from your desktop for just a few minutes and get that eureka moment?! Or in the shower, or just upon waking, … you get the idea.

Modern technology all too often robs us of allowing our minds to wander free. As much as we understand the value of allowing our bodies to rest each night, we must recognize the value of allowing our thought processes to shut down, to meditate if you will. If you are only constantly absorbing new material, you aren’t allowing time to process.

We have a rule on family driving trips. Our 13 year old son has to take 1/2 hour breaks from the DSI on road trips to just look out the window and let his mind wander. It’s amazing what thoughts are conjured up in that process… Give yourself that same luxury and you’ll find you are much more productive in the long run.

Happy Labor Day!

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