Usernames – Small business big tip for Facebook

Usernames – Small business big tip for Facebook

Usernames – Small business big tip for Facebook

Customizing Facebook Usernames

How are you going to put that on a business card, copy ad, or even tell someone how to find you?

How do you customize your Facebook URL?

Easy. You can customize your Facebook username (and therefore create an easier url) into any name you want. Especially helpful if you have a common name or business name.

John Smith or Ace Hardware – too many to find the one you want?

Ever try to search for a person on Facebook and find a long list of people with the same name?

And try finding a Facebook business page, especially because you heard they had a great page, discounts, etc., and find multiple businesses with the same name? You can’t always tell which one is the one you are seeking…

If you are a small business or non-profit using either a profile page or business page:

Go to your page or profile and do the following…NOW.

Pick a custom username and test it in the search box of Facebook to see if it’s either been taken or too common and tough to distinguish. Now follow these instructions:

From Facebook Help:

To change your Username on your Business page:

Note: You can only change your username once.”

That’s it! Don’t you want to be able to say “just go to” and be sure they’ll find you?

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