Tools and etiquette for posting “in absentia” during the busy holiday season

Meet Hootsuite's bored owl
Image by planspark via Flickr

Yay! You’re busy!

The holidays are here and all of a sudden you’re getting too busy to keep up your usual Tweeting and posting frequency. Oh, well, you say, I’m thankful to be busy and my followers understand I can’t post if I’m taking care of customers.


If you were at a party conversing with loyal friends, would you drop them to go talk to new people walking in?

Hopefully not. Generally, you would continue to include your loyal friends while you also attended to potential new friends. So why would you treat your ongoing Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook followers any differently?

Social Media definedĀ isĀ 2 way interaction.

So, how do you still post when you can’t be present? Try Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. Either have the scheduling option to have posts appear when you want.

But keep checked in when possible!

NEVER just schedule posts and walk away. If you don’t continue to engage, you’ll get a reputation as someone who is not listening and they’ll eventually leave you.

So, make a personal schedule that includes time for checking in to see what your followers are saying! Address comments, requests, kudos, complaints, and comment on others’ posts and tweets. Same as you would do for friends – when you are busy, you still keep in touch!

Schedule all the posts and tweets you want, but never stop engaging with your followers! You don’t want to risk losing them, just like you wouldn’t risk losing your friends because you were too busy, would you?

Happy Holidays!