The Win-Win of Social Media Through Unexpected Uses. Pt. 2 Hidden Genius of QR Codes

The Win-Win of Social Media Through Unexpected Uses. Pt. 2: Hidden Genius of QR Codes!


Still think QR Codes are useless?

When QR codes (QR = quick response) were introduced, success was implied. And then… nothing… because there weren’t enough people with phones with scanning ability.

BUT, with SmartPhone purchases on an exponential rise, and FREE QR code apps available on every device, it is inevitable the use of QR Codes by merchants, businesses, non-profits, etc., will also begin to surge.

Here’s the unexpected perk of a QR code I picked up the other day. Now, guys, don’t stop reading because I mention shopping! Because if you own a business, you will pick up on the importance of this example…

I was in Publix, and looking for a cake mix. As you see in the image above, when I turned over a box I was thinking about purchasing, I noticed the QR code. I thought, “Genius!” If I had hesitated over that selection, here was a quick way to check a recipe choice and determine – WHILE I AM STILL IN THE GROCERY STORE – if there were any ingredients I didn’t have at home and could buy on the spot! Otherwise, I may have gone home, looked up their website, found a cool recipe with that item, but found I was missing an ingredient or two.

This QR Code saved me an unnecessary trip and the ability to determine whether this product could serve another use for my needs. Without this option, I may have only considered it for its basic use and perhaps not purchased it, rather than consider this purchase for other dessert possibilities.


Here most of us consider QR codes just website driven. Ok, big deal, we can get to the website faster on our phones… But, no, now it has practical applications, too.

AND, for small businesses and non-profits, this should be golden. Cheap, easy and FREE!

How about printed QR codes for:

  • “liking” your business page on Facebook since most of your staff rarely remembers to tell customers about your page (and even you!)
  • following you on Twitter (another forgotten child)
  • for your newsletter subscriptions (need I say it again?)
  • videos and Your YouTube or Vimeo channel!
  • LOYALTY programs – Hello!?
  • a calendar event
  • your website  (which of course has all your CURRENT store information and specials, and all your social media links, right?!)
  • Your LinkedIn Profile -(if you have completed your profile and made a company page)
  • A contest – “scan to like our Facebook page and be entered in our contest to win a —“
  • products with specific FAQs (have you missed potential sales on certain high$$ items because you were too busy with other customers to answer questions?)
  • PayPal payments
  • Plain text or links of any kind

The list goes on and on… If you think of it, you can create a QR code for it. Photos, recipes, how-tos, suggested uses…

Where should you display these QR Codes? EVERYWHERE.

  • your store window
  • at events – you can’t talk to everyone at once
  • at your POS locations – while they have your attention
  • on products – to learn more if you are busy with other customers
  • on the back of your business card – there’s never enough room for all you want to say
  • brochures, flyers, ads – again, never enough room
  • as updates on your social media pages
  • on your car – tell me who doesn’t have their phone handy in their car at a stoplight?
  • on consumables – Peanuts in this cookie? Gluten Free? – get the picture?
  • on menus (no to-go menus lost in the car or stuffed in a junk drawer – handy on their phone to help them decide to come back)

Even doctor’s offices are applying this technology. Patient goes to a referred doctor and has a QR code for all their info for them to scan. Cool, huh? It’s already happening.

Remember, it’s an image

It’s virtually just a photo and anywhere you can place a photo, you can place a QR code! And the same FREE apps that give you the ability to scan a QR Code also give you the ability to create one!

Bottom line? It costs virtually nothing for you to be ahead of the crowd and attract the growing demographic of SmartPhone users (which obviously has disposable income if they are buying a SmartPhone – they aren’t cheap!).

Technology Marketing No Brainer, right?

Are we having fun yet?!

1.29.2013 P.S. It’s 2 days since I posted this and look what I ran across in today’s media:“McDonalds tries QR Codes”