The Win-Win of Social Media Pt.1: The Perks of Pinterest

The Win-Win of Social Media Pt.1: The Perks of Pinterest

Screenshot of Pinterest Account

Social Media has become a source of everyday personal convenience as well as social! It has completely become a part of everyday life because of unexpected uses and applications. Consider the following.

Pinterest as a source or reference tool:

Example #1

A blog feed I subscribe to had a post on an easy slow cooker chicken! If you stumble on a recipe you must try, you need not print it, just pin it to one of your Pinterest boards. Pinterest is your scrapbook, idea book, memo board, and more.

With Pinterest’s great visual aspect, you need not remember labels. If you have installed the Pinterest App on your Mobile device, you can easily access your items anywhere. No paper, no ink and always ready to view!

Example #2

No time to shop? Shopping has become a luxury many of us can’t afford the time for and it can become difficult to keep up to date on trends. Cruise the Pinterest Women’s or Men’s Fashion categories for quick reference and ideas. In addition, you can often click through to the shopping source and make a purchase. Many pins provide ideas for complete outfits, ideas for accessories, and more. A big time saver.

There are countless categories to browse for any and every interest. A font of ideas.

Example #3

Are you a blogger? Always provide a picture with your blog content!

Visuals always provide higher response. If you choose your visuals well for your posts, you’ll draw more attention to your blogsite via pinning the visual of your blog from your blog.

Residuals of Pinterest as a whole:

  • Whoever follows your boards may repin your pins – giving both you and the source more exposure. They may start to follow that board or all your boards.
  • Anyone who clicked on the blog photo may start to follow the blog.
  • Potential new followers from outside of my network for your blog.
  • Potential new business via your blog to your website.
  • Share from Pinterest to other Social networks.

Viewers do not have to sign in or have an account to view pins and click through.

What have you discovered you can do with Pinterest?