The Secret to Keeping Customers is Keeping in Touch

The Secret to Keeping Customers is Keeping in Touch

Many small businesses and retailers are recognizing the importance of focusing on maintaining contact with existing customers to encourage repeat/referral business.

New traffic is good. Repeat business is better.

Traditional marketing focused primarily on attracting new customers.That’s what clients wanted. But new business comes best via your existing customer word-of-mouth. If you aren’t courting your existing customers, you are dead.

Repeat business translates to:

  • referrals
  • reviews
  • social media followers
  • social media activity

In today’s economy, lower traffic translates and demands more time be devoted to a greater customer experience for every customer that walks in the door – new or repeat. If your business is not constantly “touching” each and every customer at every possible opportunity, you will lose that repeat business.

Keep front of mind

Email marketing is one of the easiest and best customer relationship building tools out there. And relationship building is the best marketing tool with the best ROI.

So “Hold on Loosely, but Don’t Let Go”

Your loyal customers are your best marketers. They toot your horn to their friends, family, co-workers via word-of-mouth, Twitter, texting, Foursquare, Google +, Facebook… (even if you aren’t active on social media, they are).

You must keep your business front of mind with branded e-mails, blog posts, social media engagement, e-newsletters, e-announcements, etc. There are many email service providers: Constant Contact, Go-Daddy, MailChimp, AWeber… Most have free trials.

Email is the best means to keep front of mind!

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