The answer in customer service is never “No.”

The answer in customer service is never “No.”

The answer in customer service is never “No.”

Jack Sparrow

Capt. Jack Sparrow always finds a solution to what others would find a failing proposition! Image via Wikipedia

Ever been asked by a customer if you carry a particular item and give that customer a “no” in reply?

Does the customer give up? No, they expect a suggestion… just something… but nope, nothing more comes out of your mouth.

So, most likely they turnaround and leave to continue their search elsewhere. WHY do you let them go…?

Were they hell-bent on that specific item? Maybe. Maybe not. But you didn’t ask any questions to find out if you could help in any other way! WHY?


Salespeople!!!  Have you lost your mind? Especially you commission salespeople. A salesperson should never answer “no” PERIOD.

All a “no” results in is an exit and a bunch of other undesirable no’s… No ka-ching (No $$), No contact info, No established relationship, No Nothing! You’ll likely never see that customer again.

Ask, Ask, Ask!

Your answer must always be a series of questions.

Of course you may not have the item they asked for, but customers are not always sure they are asking the right question.

No, they’re not stupid. Well, maybe sometimes.

But, seriously, customers don’t often have a clue what they need for their specific purpose. They often base their request on what they have heard or seen from friends, seen on the internet, or checked out on the various Social Media avenues. But they still don’t have full scope of their options – and that is your job, to educate them on their options based on their needs.

Listen again: Until a salesperson properly EDUCATES a customer on all their options through a process of questions and conversation, customers are only asking for that which they have knowledge of. It’s your purpose to enlighten them of the available options.


Selling has become a bad word. But that is only related to the sleazy personage of used car sales persons and the like. Every profession has its bad seeds… That doesn’t mean customers aren’t looking for help from you.

Your job as a salesperson is rewarding when done right. Think about it. The last time you sold the right products to a customer that really needed your advice and governance, you smiled just as much as they did.

It feels damned good to truly help someone make the right purchase. You did it right. They were happy. They will come back.

Strike GOLD.

You know their name and they know yours. Think about it. The last time you had a great shopping experience, you knew that salesperson’s name by the time you made the transaction.

So, in turn, when you give a customer that great experience, they feel unburdened about shopping. They look forward to you helping them again. They even ask for your schedule to make sure you can wait on them again. GOLD!


Tell your customers to shop the internet all they want, but when it comes time to buy, to come to you so that you can help assure them they are making the right choice(s).

Spoil them!

And when they buy it from you, always GIVE A LITTLE EXTRA!

  • Tell them all the features of their purchase they can utilize.
  • Tell them how to take care of it to prolong the lifetime usage.
  • Tell them what their options are should there be any problem.
  • Give them 2 of your business cards and tell them you will always give them and their friends (referrals) the royal treatment.

And if they ask for a discount, meet the internet price, but no lower, and do throw in a little free item… some little accessory that will make that product even more enjoyable. The price of that accessory is only cost to you, but retail value to them, and most likely, will get them thinking about how else to enhance their purchases next time they are shopping with you.

When I was in shoes, it was always better to throw in a pair of free socks they had never tried rather than a $$ discount. They get a chance to fall in love with you again for introducing them to another product they can now love and buy more of later.

As Capt. Jack Sparrow says, “Savvy?”

Will you ever say “No” again?

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