It's the Holidays, Take a Break! 15 Signs You May Be Addicted to Technology

It’s the Holidays, Take a Break! 15 Signs You May Be Addicted to Technology

Our generation doesn’t ring the doorbell, they text or call to say they’re outside.

As much as we are seeing Black Friday bleed into Thanksgiving Thursdays, Christmas is still, thankfully, a day when MOST businesses are closed… Maybe WE need to “close,” too. Are you guilty? Ok, admit it… do you have any (or all) of these signs of technology addiction?

IMAGE_SMB Smart Marketing Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving: I’m Thankful for Modern Technology

It has been an amazing journey of personal and business growth for me these last few years.

I remember in 3rd grade (a million years ago!), reading a short story of the future by Isaac Asimov – unfortunately I can’t remember the title – in which there were children sitting at the kitchen table in front of a computer monitor taking school lessons.

I remember so clearly looking at that picture and thinking I hope I live long enough to see that come to be. You have to realize that at that time IBM’s computers filled entire rooms, there were no cell phones, no answering machines, no video games, color TV was just emerging, and central air conditioning was a modern convenience, so the concept of the story seemed so, so far away….

Me at 3 in 1960

Small Business Saturday – because bigger doesn’t always mean better

The problem is not that small business is unable to keep up with big business. The problem is the perception held by the public that the best can only come from a big business.

A social media gratitude list

Gratitude for Social Media – what has it brought to your life? It’s overwhelming to think about all the changes – positive and negative…