Boomers, Don't Say You Can't Do Social Media...

Boomers, You Can Do Social Media!

Nothing, and I mean nothing, including Social Media, is as hard to master as MS-DOS was. . .

Spammers, Hackers, Identity Thieves! Oh, My!

Before you like or share… click on the source. Is the profile one with whom you would normally associate? Could you potentially be opening your data door to spammers and hackers?

A Social Media Learning Curve

Hubby: But, I AM SHARING. Me: No, you want to post an update. It’s different. Hubby: Facebook is B—S—! There’s nothing intuitive about it! Me: I never said there was…

The 1st Cell Phone Call – a Retrospective

Mashable posted this morning about today making 40 years since the first cell phone call was made. I had to stop and calculate how young I was at the time…

From Skadeedle [Infographic]: Email Marketing Etiquette Dos & Don’ts

Email Marketers! You can’t afford not to address each point on the infographic from Skadeedle below! Don’t risk an “Opt-out” or an unsubscribe because you overlooked what you might think of as a minor detail.

IMAGE_SMB Smart Marketing Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving: I’m Thankful for Modern Technology

It has been an amazing journey of personal and business growth for me these last few years.

I remember in 3rd grade (a million years ago!), reading a short story of the future by Isaac Asimov – unfortunately I can’t remember the title – in which there were children sitting at the kitchen table in front of a computer monitor taking school lessons.

I remember so clearly looking at that picture and thinking I hope I live long enough to see that come to be. You have to realize that at that time IBM’s computers filled entire rooms, there were no cell phones, no answering machines, no video games, color TV was just emerging, and central air conditioning was a modern convenience, so the concept of the story seemed so, so far away….

What’s a Facebook personal page vs wall vs home vs business page vs…!

My brother is a natural for social media. He is also the perfect example for a lot of clients I get. He is 61, a passionate entrepreneur, highly intelligent, a […]