Find the Customer’s Need, Then Find a Way to Fulfill it to Make the Sale.

“DETERMINE THE WHY” AND YOU’LL ALWAYS MAKE THE SALE. You don’t have to fill that need with the product they asked for. You just have to fill the need.

The answer in customer service is never “No.”

Ever been asked by a customer if you carry a particular item and give that customer a “no” in reply? Does the customer give up? No, they expect…

Top 10 Reasons Your Staff is Blaming YOU for Their Lack of Performance

It is very easy for staff to blame poor performance on a lack of tools and means to perform. If you are operating an efficient and well functioning business, your staff (and you) won’t have those excuses to fall back on when you ask them to justify less than acceptable sales results.

#1 rule for retail success

So sure your existing customers are happy? Learn how to bring in new customers without losing existing customers loyalty.

Customer service “is the new Black” in Retail

Customer Service is the new black! Remember when we never got out of our cars at the gas station? Brick and mortar retailers – take note. Customers want to go back in time.

3 Reasons Your Customers May Be Defecting to Online Shopping

Are you driving your in-house customers online?