IMHO :) 6 Characteristics of Small Business Owners

IMHO :) 6 Characteristics of Small Business Owners

People ask why I only work with Small Businesses in the U.S. Because American Small Business owners are Passionate and crazy about their business! Not that there is anything wrong […]

Imho – What is the #1 reason for business failure among small business owners?

I ran across this question by in LinkedIn Answers “Although there has been an increase in support services for entrepreneurs and small business owners, the percentage of business failures […]

“Screw it, let’s do it!” – The Art of Self-Motivation from Richard Branson:

Get motivated with this article from Richard Branson. Customers are coming back – are you ready to win them back to your business or will you continue with the status quo? Read this article to be inspired for 2011!

Passion is contagious!

Passion is contagious if you don’t keep it all to yourself!