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If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get Reviews

Reviews: Ask your customers and fans to help you grow your small business or non-profit. Yes, you have to ask. When customers or clients are happy with your business, they are happy to share that […]

Will Followers Be Content with Content in 2015?

Will Followers Be Content with Content in 2015?

Content productivity obsession. This is what we have taught ourselves must be done for successful marketing of our businesses. But is it really true?

Google Plus - Hot or Not for Small Business?

Google Plus – Hot or Not for Small Business?

If you are a small business owner, it is more important for you to consider the BENEFITS of using Google Plus rather than concern yourself with its popularity.

SMBs, Coach Your Staff Daily for Success

SMBs, Coach Your Staff Daily for Successful Marketing

Do you communicate daily with your staff? Ever notice how the more successful restaurants have daily meetings with staff before they . . .

Shopping Small is Shopping Wise for Busy Entrepreneurs

Shopping Small is Shopping Wisely

Are you guilty of lost time picking through discount racks to NOT find what you need? It is a far more enjoyable shopping experience to “Shop Small.” Since Entrepreneurs are always […]

From Skadeedle [Infographic]: Email Marketing Etiquette Dos & Don’ts

Email Marketers! You can’t afford not to address each point on the infographic from Skadeedle below! Don’t risk an “Opt-out” or an unsubscribe because you overlooked what you might think of as a minor detail.

Never Put all Your Marketing Eggs in Just One Basket

All the recent social media changes and demands are making you a little more than nuts. You spend a lot of time learning how to stay up in edge rank, but they keep changing the rules. So what IS your foundation? What can you rely on for marketing your business? …