Boomers, Don't Say You Can't Do Social Media...

Boomers, You Can Do Social Media!

Nothing, and I mean nothing, including Social Media, is as hard to master as MS-DOS was. . .

14 Signs You Might be a Small Business Owner

14 Signs You Might be a Small Business Owner

You might be a small business owner if*: you’re on a first name basis with the drive-thru coffee shop baristas. your inbox has 100+ unopened emails, and over 10,000 undeleted. out-of-town […]

Shopping Small is Shopping Wise for Busy Entrepreneurs

Shopping Small is Shopping Wisely

Are you guilty of lost time picking through discount racks to NOT find what you need? It is a far more enjoyable shopping experience to “Shop Small.” Since Entrepreneurs are always […]

The 1st Cell Phone Call – a Retrospective

Mashable posted this morning about today making 40 years since the first cell phone call was made. I had to stop and calculate how young I was at the time…

Never Put all Your Marketing Eggs in Just One Basket

All the recent social media changes and demands are making you a little more than nuts. You spend a lot of time learning how to stay up in edge rank, but they keep changing the rules. So what IS your foundation? What can you rely on for marketing your business? …

10 Reasons Small Businesses and Non-Profits Shouldn’t Give Up on Social Media

Small Businesses, and Non-profits, too,  especially in the early stages, often plunge into marketing fast and furious only to give up almost as quickly. I hear it all the time […]

What’s a Facebook personal page vs wall vs home vs business page vs…!

My brother is a natural for social media. He is also the perfect example for a lot of clients I get. He is 61, a passionate entrepreneur, highly intelligent, a […]