Store Etiquette Should be Sincere to be Effective

English: View of interior of the A. E. Lathrop...
English: View of interior of the A. E. Lathrop Drug Store in Simsbury, Connecticut, sometime from 1901 to 1907. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who’s with me on this?

Please STOP yelling “hello” at me as I walk in the door of a store.

i understand it is PC, but it has lost all sincerity.

Scene: I walk in the door of my local CVS and from some remote aisle, someone shouts “hello” at me.

There is no one in sight – who said that? By the time I figure out where they are, the “moment” is gone. You walk on feeling a little foolish for taking the time to seek the indifferent source.

Corporate made them do it

Corporate may state something like “make sure to greet every customer within 5 milliseconds of walking in the door” or some such nonsense.  A shout out from 20 feet away is not a greeting.

Yes, it’s nice to greet people who enter your store, but surely it is more of an annoyance if not delivered sincerely. I am not suggesting the practice be discontinued, but some delivery guidelines would surely achieve better results.