Social Media: the part that is “Free” is just a tool.

Free tools! But do you know how to use them?

As with any tool, it’s the skilled usage of the tool and the right application that makes the tool valuable, not just the tool in and of itself.

You don’t use a hammer to screw a nail into the wall and you wouldn’t hire a doctor to build a bookcase, nor would you try to put a new roof on your house by yourself.

Anyone can get a manual, the tools and materials for any job, but does that give you all the experience and savvy you need to do the best job in the most efficient way? And is that the most productive use of your time? – You’ve got a business or non-profit to run!

Same goes with websites and social media – web 2.0… It’s not the tools, it’s the usage that makes them successful. Anyone can get a free website template and open any social media account for free.

But are you really content to just HAVE the right tools, but not know how to use them?


Easy to get. Easy to use. Lots of manuals, books and online help on usage. But tell me you don’t run across a lot of bad websites and social media pages almost daily…?

I think you get it now…

How well are you using your social media tools?