Social Media is Not a Fad Anymore

There are still business people who do not understand the influence of social media on their business. Probably the same people who, not too many years ago, didn’t think they needed a website.PBS NEWSHOUR logo

Social Media is not a fad anymore.

What makes it valuable to your SMB?

  • FREE to use
  • Reaches thousands in real time
  • Keeps your finger on the pulse of your customers
  • Allows your business to respond immediately for optimal customer relationship management (CRM).


I tweeted “Great discussion on PBS newshour now w VP Joe Biden.”

Just a few minutes later, I received this reply on Twitter:

NewsHour PBS NewsHour

@bizcommunicator thanks-here are a few clips before we get it all online

Very powerful. An immediate response with an added bonus.
Do you think that made an impression on me? And do you think I feel a little more connected to PBS NewsHour now?
To have someone constantly monitor their social media accounts for mentions about programming – especially during broadcast. This is far more powerful marketing than any conventional marketing ever hoped for. Don’t ignore social media.

Did you know…?

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