Social Media … a Sociologist’s Dream Resource

Social Media … a Sociologist’s Dream Resource

Social Media … a Sociologist’s Dream Resource

I Love SociologyWhen or where  else have sociologists been so privy to so many scenarios of human social behavior all in one place? Think about it…

The Definition of Sociology –

1. The study of human social behavior, especially the study of the origins, organization, institutions, and development of human society.

2. Analysis of a social institution or societal segment as a self-contained entity or in relation to society as a whole.

That’s essentially social media!

Social media began as a way for people to connect in college. They posted where they were having coffee, what they were doing, what they were thinking… This may seem like wasted time and nonsense to many of us, but it’s simply everyday human interaction – accessible on the web…

It didn’t become a viral past-time for no reason

Social media participants do what we all do in our daily face-to-face interactions. They subconsciously test for a response. Don’t most of us behave based on social feedback? We respond to what others respond to in us, right? This is also the heart and soul of marketing. That is why Social media segued into today’s marketing.

We shift according to response.

You do it in conversation all the time.

  • Your conversant is not in the mood for your drama? So, maybe you shift to humor.
  • Your dinner partner orders spaghetti, and in reply to the mood set, you order Italian.
  • Everyone wants to go to a football game or movie? Hmm, maybe you will, too!

Yes, that is the essence of social media. Scanning the environment in respect to your current agenda.

Social media is not complicated

Post what you would say. That’s all. Don’t bore others trying to impress them. BE GENUINE!

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