@ constant contact emailsBefore you press SEND!

Print this handy checklist of some key elements that should be in your email newsletter or promotion:

Your “From” and “Subject” Lines:

  • Does your “From” line include your company name or brand?

Does your “Subject” line:

  • meet the length guidelines (5-8 words, 40 characters including spaces)?
  • incorporate a specific benefit?
  • include your brand (if for some reason your “From” line does not)?
  • create a sense of urgency?
  • avoid words or punctuation — such as “Free” or exclamation points — that could trigger spam filters?

Your Email Copy:

  • Will your content be interesting and meaningful to the people you’re sending it to?
  • Is your email personalized with the recipient’s first name, last name, or both, if appropriate?
  • Is your email copy clear and concise?
  • Will your contacts know what to do once they’ve read your email? Should they call to request your free offer? Print out a coupon? Provide comments and feedback on an article?
  • Does your email clearly explain how your product or service can help [benefit] the recipient? Save them money? Time? Aggravation?
  • Have you used appropriate graphics while also making good use of white space?

Smartphone imageImportant Last-Second Checks:

  • Are you prepared to handle inbound email responses and questions resulting from your outbound email campaigns? Follow-through is as important as the first contact.
  • Have you proofread the “From” line, “Subject” line, and email copy thoroughly?
  • Have you checked all links to be sure they work properly?
  • Have you previewed and sent yourself a test in both HTML and text formats?

When you can answer “yes” to these questions, you are ready to hit the “Send” button.

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