Scared to Try Twitter?

SMBs -7 Reasons Not to be Afraid of Twitter

You aren’t the only one who doesn’t know how…!

The learning curve for many small business owners can be daunting when venturing into social media markting.

Remember how helpless many of us felt when first introduced to personal desktop computers? And if you remember back to learning MS-DOS, pat yourself on the back for surviving that!

Since Entrepreneurs eat, drink, sleep and breathe their business, many really don’t give a damn about Social Media except for a family and friends connection. For some, it’s like the annoying sound of a mosquito flying around their head while they are trying to enjoy and grow their business. An interference at best. But there’s no ignoring social media now.

However late you may be to the social media game, if you are looking to get on board with Social Media, where would you start? Some say Facebook is easiest, but that is only if you are already an active user on a personal level. Twitter might be a better introduction for the complete novice if you are a small business.

Why Twitter?

1. Quick and easy to be up and running.

You don’t need to have a separate personal profile to open a business profile. Just create a handle, upload a logo/photo, email, weblink and a bio in 160 characters or less. Done. You can get fancy with backgrounds as you are more sure of the image you want to project.

2. Easy to learn with some anonymity

You can make a lot of mistakes learning and not be noticed much since you won’t likely know anyone there for a while and they won’t know you.

3. Accessible real-time help

You can ask a lot of questions from a pool of experts and anyone who’s listening – they are more than willing to help in real-time. (Try tweeting “Does anyone know [e.g., how to delete a tweet?]”)

4. Strangers don’t judge (much)

You won’t be judged if you don’t like or comment on another’s tweet. The stream moves too fast for anyone to dwell on it.

5. You can stick one toe in the water at a time.

You can search a term or Tweetchat and find your topic of interest and participate …or not – based on your comfort level. You can learn by observing participation by others (lurking).

6. Free research

You can pick up on the mood of your industry and its customers or service by the tone of the tweets you search and listening to the audience.

7. Re-purpose content

You can broadcast your content throughout the day which tests the popularity of your content from your blogs and other sources and exposes you to a greater audience. On Facebook, you run the risk of cluttering your followers feeds with frequent posts and they may hide your feed as a result. Yikes!

Yes, you can do much of this on Facebook, but only after you have gained an extended following. Most new Facebook pages begin with fans that consist of your circle of friends and associates who already know about you. It’s a start since you’re exposed to their following, but it’s a slower start.

And don’t forget…

You can attract more Facebook followers through your Twitter account easier than through Facebook alone.