Cook's Whse Facebook interaction

She just drooled all over her keyboard! A prime example of Facebook interaction…

Sometimes you run across a B2C interaction on Social Media that is the perfect example of what Social Media should be all about. (Read through the thread in the image below)

Cook’s Warehouse noticed, responded to, and rewarded a seemingly innocent response by a consumer to a picture they posted. I suspect that by the end of the day, there will be many more “Likes” in response to this and a higher number “talking about this.”

In addition, a huge “feel good” is occurring not only with the reward recipient, but of everyone who sees this (including me – and luckily I live near this new store – I WILL be visiting!).

Nothing can foster good will for a business better than something like this! No, you don’t have to give a reward for every great comment, but the key here is the interaction, the ENGAGEMENT, the customer appreciation
How often do you see business pages that simply post and post and post without responding except when there is a complaint? What a turnoff and obvious lack of interest in the consumer – and the consumer soon feels that.
And what are Your Facebook insights like? How many people are “talking about this” on your page? How many “likes” and comments do you get? Pay attention small business! If I were you, I’d be “liking” Cook’s Warehouse and following them for ideas for your own business.

Great job, Cook’s Warehouse. Keep it up!