“Screw it, let’s do it!” – The Art of Self-Motivation from Richard Branson:

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“Screw it, let’s do it!” says Richard Branson in this piece on how he stays motivated in business – even at 60.

This article (link below) is an excellent read for anyone in business – especially in this time of economic recovery when business people are still a little skittish about moving forward.

The Art of Self-Motivation : Managing :: American Express OPEN Forum.

Too many business owners get in their own way of success and over-complicate their business…especially when it comes to listening to and serving their own customers. Don’t just follow others, – seek out new challenges! Your customers are trying to tell you what they want every day. Listen to them. And what have you got to lose? Customers are especially hungry for excellent customer service and something really worthy to purchase since they are now more prudent with their spending.

I am a big fan of Sir Richard. He not only has overcome so many obstacles to get where he is, but he always gives back. Some nice guys do finish first!

I hope that after reading Sir Richard’s article, you aspire to take a leap or two! I just learned he also has a book of the same name (pictured) – I’ll be checking that out, too!

P.S. Thanks American Express Open for these great articles!

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