Retail A.D.D. – Are distractions costing you business?

Some people think I have A.D.D.
Image by Peter Vidrine via Flickr

What is Retail Attention Deficit Disorder?

I think I made that up, but I see it all the time and lived it during my time as a retail manager.

What are the symptoms?

Have you ever walked into your store with a list of to-dos, but as you enter:
  • Your eye catches an unruly display and before you know it, you are completely redoing the display instead of just straightening it…
  • The phone rings before the store is open and a fellow retailer bends your ear until opening…
  • You spot a new delivery and instead of letting designated staff members handle it, you open it and start checking it in…
  • You count in your cash drawer and decide to reorganize the cash wrap desk…
Need I give more examples…? I think not. And yet you wonder where the day went and how you didn’t get anything you planned done!”

Obsessing about your business – or lack of it?

As a business owner or sales person watching the sales volume graph rise up and fall down, you have to obsess over potential sales going out the door.

BUT … did you lose business because:

  • you aren’t open enough hours?
  • you aren’t attracting enough new traffic?
  • you don’t have the right stock?
  • you don’t have the right staff?
Maybe, … but most likely, it’s because you are losing the business you already have. Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees and we don’t recognize a bird in the hand –  pardon the overuse of overused expressions, but they fit. Time and again, owners and managers walk into work with honorable intentions to focus on our customers. Instead, you encounter “Retail A.D.D.” (horror music in background)

Make a plan

Before you leave each day, no matter how tired you are, write down at least 1 thing you must do to cultivate your existing business when you arrive the next day.
  • Have you followed up on complaints?
  • Have you trained your staff on clientele-ing?
  • Have you reviewed your return rate?
  • Have you checked your best sellers report?
  • Have you written your next e-newsletter?
  • Have you sent birthday cards / e-cards / SendOut cards to your repeat customers?
  • Are you circulating on the floor with customers to keep up with their pulse?
And most important, have you posted to social media the latest store happenings? Are you sending out a monthly / bimonthly email newsletter? Are you responding to followers on your social media accounts?

Slip Sliding Away…

Don’t let daily housekeeping and distractions keep you from protecting your best asset – existing customers. They are your best marketing tool. If they’re happy, they tell everyone they know how you make them feel noticed as a human. And don’t forget to value your staff. If they aren’t happy, your customers aren’t happy.
Protect your brick and mortar investment through attention to the human factor of your existing customers! Isn’t that what YOU seek from the businesses you patronize?