Rate Employees in Terms of ROI

Are you afraid of your employees?

That may seem to be a ridiculous question, but in all honesty, you must ask yourself that question.

We tend to see what we want to see. And when we catch a glimpse of what we don’t like, we run from it or deny it exists because it may seem easier at the time and we are afraid of confronting them about their weaknesses. You’ve trained and retrained, you’ve shifted responsibilities, and still they are not meeting your standards…

You must think of your employees in terms of their potential ROI. How much time do you and your staff have to hand hold the weak? Seriously – think of the effect this has on your business to have weak employees in the mix.

  • Takes you away from your priorities
  • Increases error rate when you are unable to supervise.
  • Discourages increased sales due to poor performance and community resentment
  • Causes inventory discrepancies due to sloppy entries
  • Hurts repeat business due to lack of consistency
  • And more…

Face the fact that there is NO ROI on weak staff members!

Yes, it’s difficult to find a new person and train them, but is that really more difficult than having to regularly make up for the shortcomings of employees who are not up to the tasks?

Bottom line – Are you keeping staff that is holding you back? Why?