Priorities – Customer service or paperwork?

Priorities – Customer service or paperwork?

Priorities – Customer service or paperwork?


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Are you usually buried in administrative minutiae? Be careful it’s not becoming an obstacle to running your business.

Often employers are so busy in the back trying to catch up with paperwork, phone calls, filing, etc. that they virtually stop running their business.

Status quo does not equal growth

Think of why you got into your business or bought that franchise to start with. You were passionate about the active end of the business, not the paperwork. You had the expertise or training to run it and run it well. So why are you in the back doing administrative work that you could hire out or delegate to staff?

Yes, someone else CAN do the work

If you feel guilty out on the floor when there are so many administrative tasks always waiting, you have the wrong mindset.

Neglecting the sales floor and staff is not an effective way to run a business. You need to divide your time between time on the sales floor and marketing. You must be present at least part of the time to keep up to speed with your customers and staff. You also need to be out marketing your business (spreading your passion). You can’t do either if you are at your desk all day and your numbers WILL inevitably suffer.

Spend a little to make even more

Consider the ROI on hiring someone to come in at least part time to handle payroll, taxes, payments, etc. and promoting a staff member to managerial status to handle scheduling, ordering, stock room organization, complaints, etc. You can’t afford NOT to do this.

Your business will not grow if you are simply maintaining status quo.

Consider this:

  • Trying to handle administrative minutiae during store hours is not productive or efficient due to frequent interruptions.
  • Working in the back translates to leaving only your staff to run your business.
  • Most floor issues are more accurately observed than reported.
  • Employee pilferage is always more likely with an unsupervised staff.

So, what’s more important? Customer service or paperwork?

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