Passion is contagious!

Passion is contagious!

Passion is contagious!

we posted everyone's ideas for vision/mission ...

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Are you Passionate about your business? It’d be a little ridiculous to own a business if you weren’t, and you can tell when someone is/isn’t, can’t you?! At any rate, a lot of business owners who are passionate about their business may forget how to make that passion contagious to their staff.

Employees can easily slip into a rut of just doing their job to get paid and have no connection to purpose or mission. Why?  Because maybe you forgot to share that passion with them! Seriously, it happens all the time. Just because you think your biz is the greatest thing since sliced bread, you think everyone else thinks so, too! Here’s the tough truth – NOT necessarily!

You have to share that sense of purpose. I have observed owners working like dogs running rings around an indifferent staff – mostly because they haven’t instilled a sense of the business’ purpose into their staff.

Recognize that not everyone will automatically share your excitement and drive for success. But how can you motivate them? You need to share your emotions, thoughts, desires, goals, and everything that goes along with running your business.

  • Start with a mission statement! Why are you in business? Look at other businesses mission statements to get started. Make it a team project with everyone throwing in their ideas of what they think your business is about. Very enlightening! And for help, try
  • Find out what part of your business IS exciting to your individual staff members and start there. This can help you learn what tasks are best to delegate to whom and to see where they need more training.
  • Learn what works for them – just because you are intrinsically motivated, they aren’t. Everyone is motivated differently, and you’ll be far more successful if you are using the right motivations.

Passion is contagious if you don’t keep it all to yourself!

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