Never Put all Your Marketing Eggs in Just One Basket

Never Put all Your Marketing Eggs in Just One Basket

Never Put all Your Marketing Eggs in Just One Basket

Don't put all your eggs in one basket

So you finally got comfortable in social media, but the recent changes and demands are making you a little more than nuts. You spend a lot of time learning how to stay up in edge rank, but they keep changing the rules. Facebook’s recent stock decline forces scrambling with monetization strategies to keep stockholders happy, Twitter is playing with ads and tweet promoting, and LinkedIn is knocking at that door. (related post – Facebook – Stop Charging the Cows for Providing the Milk …)

It’s case by case with some generalities and your online presence must have a firm foundation. But as so many small businesses focus primarily on Facebook, it’s important to consider that the Facebook you are using today may be nothing like the Facebook we use next year.

Never, never put all your marketing eggs in one basket!

So what IS your foundation? What can you rely on for marketing your business? No one knows what’s coming down the pike, but two things you should be thinking more about are your website and your blog.

Your website and blog are the online presence(s) you have (almost) total control over.  In the scurry over social media, have you neglected both?

Is your website up to date with current promotions, pictures and captivating information about your business?

When is the last time you took an objective look at your website content? Does it still look the same as the day it was uploaded?

Does it have flash? Get rid of that. It messes with your search engine rank and flash is NOT mobile friendly. Yes, both very important considerations.

Is the About information still correct? Pictures of staff current?

Do you have link buttons for your social media and newsletter?

Do you blog and is your blog linked to your website?

Blogging is not a specific social media platform, but no other social media platform is as effective in generating new content for search engines as blogs. And the beauty of blogging is the ability to re-purpose the content to your social media. And when is the last time you posted? No excuses about not knowing what to write. If you can converse with your customers and clients, you can put a version of those conversations online. Those customer queries on your product or service are gold for content. If they have the question, so do many others! Share your knowledge, tips, anecdotes, experiences….

But what about your social media?

No, I’m not saying to dump Social Media. But make the time to blog and keep website content fresh! That content can be virtually duplicated across all social media platforms,  so tweak and tailor your content to the medium and you’ll have plenty to post. Think of your blog content as evergreen content to post when you get stumped on what to post.

Don’t stay at the mercy of the whims and bumps of dealing with the unknown controls of the various platforms.

Now get to work.

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