Kindness to staff begets kindness to customers? –Tom Peters

Be Happy
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“Do all your managers understand that kindness begets kindness:
Kindness to staff begets kindness to customers?”
–Tom Peters

Tom Peters – Customer service Guru

Tom Peters¬†is skilled with encapsulating huge and powerful messaging into just a few words. For example, you can’t argue with¬†“if you want the customer to come first, you have to make sure the person who serves the customer has to come ‘more’ first.”

I’d like to add that managers have to come “even more first!”

Owners / Managers… If you are:

  • overworked
  • burned out
  • understaffed
  • struggling to make it through each day

…you get where I am going? Yes, you cannot treat others well when you are not treating yourself well. Your staff “feels” your mood on a daily basis. It is ALWAYS reflected in their performance.

If you don’t believe it, do a little test – feign a great mood for a whole day – even if you don’t really feel it! I guarantee there will be a mood shift in the staff, more productivity and ultimately, better sales.

It’s starts with you.

  • Take lunches away from the desk – better yet, out of the building and keep healthy snacks on hand for when you have to postpone lunch.
  • Get enough SLEEP!
  • Schedule personal and family time
  • Take vacations!
  • Spruce up your work area – after all spend the bulk of your day at work… make the environment enjoyable.
  • Practice random acts of kindness toward your staff

Woody says, “Be Happy!”

For Pixar fans – in the first Toy Story, Woody tells Slinky Dog to call a meeting with all the toys and tells him to “Be happy!” because he understands a good disposition is contagious! If you can’t “Be happy!” then neither can your staff, and as Tom Peters says, nor can your customer…

Simple as that. Now try it.