“It was impossible to get a conversation going, everybody was talking too much.” – Yogi Berra

Facebook users:

How much posting vs liking/commenting are you doing?


Are most of your tweets RTs of someone else’s thoughts and promotions? Are you filling your Twitter timeline gaps with famous quotes?

LinkedIn Professionals:

Are you ignoring your connections’ updates and concentrating on your own? Have you participated in Answers? Are you just pushing out your own agenda in group discussions?


Do your blogs center only on Your interests?  Are you flooding Social Media avenues with your posts?

There is so much more to social media and email marketing than just getting YOUR word out.

Don’t be the bore at the Social Media “Cocktail Party” who only talks about him/herself …soon followers and fans will walk away to join someone who IS interested in a real conversation…

You aren’t listening if you’re doing all the talking!