Does Your Brick and Mortar Have Curb Appeal?

Does Your Brick and Mortar Have Curb Appeal?

Does Your Brick and Mortar Have Curb Appeal?

Outdated Bulletin Board

Is your small business brick and mortar location a turn off to customers? Curb appeal is just as important to a business (inside and out) as it is to a home.

What a Dump!

YOU may not see it, but a little clutter here and there, old inventory gathering dust, bulletin boards with last month’s information, paperwork piling up on the office desk,… to your customer, it all contributes to a sense of lifelessness and poor standards.

Store appearance reflects your business standards

Pick your most unproductive time and attack one are! Every square foot you are paying for contributes to your sales. If you are letting appearances slide, customers notice. And that’s the impression they get of how you do business.


• Make files to sort out the paperwork – or better yet, scan and file.
• Pull off expired notices from your bulletin board and work areas and make a fresh copy of the ragged ones you must leave.
• Organize the cash wrap and eliminate the junk
• Order and replenish supplies
• Review your stock and donate what you can’t sell (make a spreadsheet just for this purpose for tax deductions)
• Check the dressing rooms, closets, any place a customer sees.

And don’t forget the dust bunnies.

10 minutes a day

Some days, you’ll be inspired to go longer, but don’t. You don’t have time. Delegate what you can.


  • spruce up the floor merchandise
  • rearrange a display
  • place a new plant or some silk flowers

All of these tasks are not only important for your psyche, but your customers WILL notice. If you care about your business’ appearance, it sends a really positive message (even if only subconsciously) to your customers.

You spend all that time and money marketing your business to look its best – it shouldn’t stop at the front door.

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