Is Social Media really Social? More than you think!

Is Social Media really Social? More than you think!

Is Social Media really Social? More than you think!

Aha… you thought I might be blogging on the evils of social media and how we have become slaves to anonymous interaction. No, that’s not what I want to say.

No, this cartoon actually made me think of how easy it is to make quality connections on social media.

I have met people all over the world, Australia, Netherlands, UK, India, Dubai, and all over the U.S.A. through social media. How amazing is it that at any given moment, one can, at will, make a connection with anyone anywhere in the world over social media?

One need not wait and hope that someone “at the party” will be interesting enough to talk to. One need not spend time talking to others who do not share common interests. Social Media lets you choose ideal social time and exchanges.

Helpful responses to my inquiries, comments to each other on posts that struck us, mutual admiration for common interests…there are no limits and we can strike as the mood dictates.

And can it be that we are often actually more sincere online? No, not those of us who spam us with self-promotion, but those of us who actually read what is posted and actually and personally respond with reactions from what is posted. No auto-responders, not just a simple RT, but a real response in 140 characters or less.

140 characters. How much can one say in so few characters? Actually- it’s just right. You are forced to be concise. You are not allowed to ramble. If you ramble, you run out of space and are forced to rethink your remarks.

How often do you get the chance to make yourself clear in verbal exchange? And on the flip side, – listening in person –  how often are you caught listening – or trying to listen – to someone who has nothing to say? You don’t have to do that in Social Media. You can skip right over irrelevant, nonsensical or boring posts and no one thinks any worse of you. No one knows when you are really “at the party.” But you will be missed if you don’t visit enough.

Selective social exchange. That’s what Social Media really is, isn’t it? But it’s still not good to be a hermit, or a snob, or antisocial. People are still people seeking other people – no matter where the exchange takes place.

Remember that from now on. Social Media is the optimal place for humans to enjoy interacting with other human beings on the most modern method of communication.

In 1876, at the invention of the telephone, the naysayers thought telephones would take the place of “real” conversation, in the 1970s, videotapes caused a fear of extinction of movie theaters, and there are many more examples of new inventions and trends causing emotional upset and fear of losing our comfort zones.

No, Social Media has not taken the place of human personal exchange. It’s simultaneously broadening our horizons while encouraging and strengthening human bonds.

How cool is that. Wonder what’s next…?

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