Would You Want to Work for YOU?

Interview Day
Image by Subspace via Flickr

Small businesses are slowly beginning to hire again… If you are one of the fortunate, you must be excited at the prospect of being able to hire from the glut of qualified applicants. But remember, while you are interviewing prospective employees, they are also interviewing you!

There is a wonderful surplus of well qualified potential employees out there who recognize the value of a good job. Don’t risk losing a chance at a good hire.

Before you start the interview process, re-evaluate and rethink your pay / benefits package. Is it attractive? Is it competitive? Will it help ensure loyalty? Wages are not the only inducement to choosing employment.

Prospective employees are interviewing you, too:

  • the environment – is your place of business neat and orderly? A pleasant place to come to work each day? – that includes the backroom!
  • Is the existing staff cheerful and engaging, or do they look haggard and overworked, indifferent… how about their grooming?
  • Are customers being properly served? You can tell how well a business is run by the customers’ attitude.

Take the time to go outside and come back in – take an outsider’s look at your business.  Just like curb appeal on a house for sale, first impressions mean a lot.

It takes more than setting up an appointment to set up a good interview.

Make sure you arrange to have an uninterrupted interview (outside of your business if necessary), so that you can absorb everything and stay focused on the entire process. If you are distracted by your business, you may be missing subtle clues from your interviewee that could be deciding factors in your hiring decision.

Have a well thought out list of questions. Most standard questions are a matter of rote for prospects. You want to have a sense of their real self. Have some “outside of the box” questions that are unique to your business needs. Come up with best / worse case scenario questions and elicit as much conversation from the potential hire as possible – in other words – keep from doing all the talking. When you aren’t prepared with the right questions, you tend to do all the talking and then you learn little to nothing about the candidate.

And don’t forget – it is easier now more than ever to do a background check. Use your search engines – Google or Bing the candidate – it’s very revealing. And don’t forget to check Facebook for your candidate. And when someone “Googles” you – are they seeing the real you? When’s the last time you did a search on yourself and your business?

This is one of the most important business decisions you make – make the most of it with good preparation. Some successful entrepreneurs offer their tips for good hiring in the following video…