IMHO :) 6 Characteristics of Small Business Owners

IMHO :) 6 Characteristics of Small Business Owners

People ask why I only work with Small Businesses in the U.S.

Because American Small Business owners are Passionate and crazy about their business! Not that there is anything wrong with working for a corporation, but there are just too many levels between the floor and the rooftop for most small business owners – including me.

Small business is family. Small business is passion. Small business is the reward in the thrill of succeeding with recognition – or despite the lack of!

(IMHO) Characteristics of Small Business Owners – including me:

  • OCD – Obsessed with their business
  • ADD – Simultaneously thinking of 12 things while still noticing something else – and calling it multi-tasking
  • Narcoleptic – capable of falling asleep at a desk at any time (or even standing up) because of staying up nights working on new ideas
  • Insatiable – can’t get enough of business-related reading
  • Clueless – unable to notice they haven’t eaten all day or taken a break or missed a family birthday
  • Annoyingly Happy – Friends and relatives don’t understand how they work so many hours and be thrilled to do it

There is nothing more contagious than the energy of a small business owner!