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If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get Reviews

If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get Reviews

If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get Reviews

Reviews: Ask your customers and fans to help you grow your small business or non-profit.

Yes, you have to ask. When customers or clients are happy with your business, they are happy to share that experience, BUT – people are busy and need to be asked and reminded (courteously and without bribes or giveaways), for reviews.

Consider holding a meeting with your staff (or yourself!) to discuss HOW to ask.

WHY specifically Google when there are so many review sites?

While there are many types of review sites, Google is your premier review source constantly improving the review aspect of local search. Reviews can help you thrive organically. You must take advantage of that!

While local search is comprised of many different online sites, Google is still the primary go-to for search, local search, and reviews – especially on mobile. It is important to be consistently listed on every local site, but at least be relevant on Google.

How often have you “Google-d” for a home repair, new doctor, anything, only to be disappointed when there was too little feedback? Feedback strongly influences purchase decisions.

Positive outweighs the negative

Unfortunately, bad reviews occur and are almost impossible to have removed. The good news is the public has become accustomed to scrolling down to see overall feedback. But, if you don’t have any positive reviews, you are powerless to counteract a bad impression.

Monitor your feedback as well. If you can address negativity in a professional and courteous manner, site visitors will see that you care about your customers and their experience.

Do you have enough reviews to entice a prospect to check you out?

Google your small business or non-profit organization today to check your feedback. Your future success could be at stake. Another option is to use a local listing service to send you notifications.

Non-profits have the added advantage of those “feel-good” moments at meetings and events. End every opportunity with a request for online feedback.

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