Hyperlink vs. Unlinked

Hyperlinks: Your Golden Avenues to Online Destinations

Hyperlinks: Your Golden Avenues to Online Destinations

Hyperlinks: Your Golden Avenues to Online Destinations

If you publish content without hyperlinks to your online content, you aren’t taking advantage of connecting your visitors with your brand and its messaging.

Consider how frequently you click on a hyperlink or an image while viewing online content. It is almost subconscious. We become intent on the message, but are open to learn more. Hyperlinks provide your readers with more of what you offer in other relevant content.

WHAT to hyperlink:

  • YOUR LOGO and your COMPANY NAME should always link to your website or current landing page promotion
  • YOUR WEBSITE URL should ALWAYS be hyperlinked to your home page.
  • ANY URL should be hyperlinked.
  • YOUR PHYSICAL ADDRESS should link to a map of your location
  • KEYWORDS should link to blog posts or relevant pages your website provides.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA Icons should be hyperlinked on every form of online marketing collateral you use – and don’t forget PDF documents can contain hyperlinks.
  • PHONE NUMBERS should be typed in the ###-###-#### format to enable a click-to-call link on mobile devices.
  • IMAGES should have not just alternate descriptive text, but wherever able, should have a respective link.

The “How” of Hyperlinking

Email Marketing
Every email provider allows you to create a signature with hyperlinks to your website and social media accounts. Hyperlink every item listed above in your marketing emails
Within your content, link to other pages within your website. (Do NOT do this on landing pages which serve a more direct purpose)
Upon uploading images, use the “Advanced Options” to create a link on your image that leads to your relevant web page or content.

While there are other options for hyperlinking, these mentioned are those most often missed by Small businesses.

Now – Look over your website, your email signature, and your email marketing. What hyperlinks are you missing?

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