How to use social media to protect your customer service reputation

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They said what about you?!?!

If you aren’t engaged in social media, you may have no idea what customers are saying about your business – and then it can be too late to repair the damage.

Remember the game “telephone”?

Negative customer experiences can be hugely viral and do a lot of damage to your reputation. People love to share victim stories and will post them. Those stories then become a launching point for others who may have experienced even a mildly negative experience in your place of business. Before you know it (or worse, don’t know it), the word is out that your business has bad customer service whether or not it is true.

You must set aside time for social media

Yes, it can be very intimidating at first. Even if you are technophobic, playing around with different features and exploring the support pages will acquaint you with social media tools faster than you might think.

Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are popular and easy tools for social media monitoring. These websites offer desktop or Smartphone dashboards with tools allowing easy access and monitoring of multiple social media sites. Set aside an hour of uninterrupted time to explore them.

The ROI on monitoring social media is huge!

Small business owners are often too busy to handle social media monitoring alone. The best idea is to hire a social media consultant or part time employee. Yes, it’s that important.

Can’t afford to hire someone? Maybe you can – check with your local college or university career center for information on hiring a marketing intern for little or no salary. Marketing Interns are often the most up-to-speed on the pulse of social media and you’ll also have the opportunity to see them work before you decide to eventually hire.

No matter how good your customer service is, winning back an unhappy customer, especially publicly via social media, spreads the news you are a business that cares about their customers!

Check out this link for more information on using social media for customer service monitoring.

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