Can Social Media Expand Your Search Results?

How Does Social Media Expand Your Search Results?

How Does Social Media Expand Your Search Results?

How Does Social Media Expand Your Search Results?

Facebook Review

My client had an upcoming birthday soon, but is half way across the nation (it’s always a good practice to appreciate your clients).

At any rate, I needed to purchase a gift for a client 900 miles away in Wichita, KS. I could have used Amazon or any other national online website e-commerce site to ship something to her. But then, I remembered her business is in a large shopping plaza. Surely there should be a shop in my client’s shopping plaza or nearby that would have gifts and a Facebook page.

The Facebook search.

I searched in my client’s locale and found some local businesses that had Facebook pages. I found a business right in the same plaza – Chelmsford Tea and Gifts – with an ACTIVE Facebook page.

They were a little surprised to get my call, but offered great customer service in respect to my budget and needs. They even texted me after they made the delivery on the requested date and provided me with feedback. My client was very surprised and pleased as well which was my goal, of course!

Long story short, it was a win-win for several reasons.

  • Since both my client and the tea shop are active on Facebook, they are now more likely to engage with each other on social media, and subsequently engage more followers.
  • Both my client and the Tea shop owner learned about a fellow small business and will be more likely to recommend the other to their own customers
  • I got a more locally personalized service since I chose a business in the same demographic market as my client.
  • I saved shipping fees and found a reliable source for future gifts!

I’m a huge proponent for shopping local small businesses. If I hadn’t found one near her store, I would have purchased the gift at a small business near me. But, in this case, I wanted to help my client grow her social media presence, so this was a no-brainer.

Yes, it took a little more work on my part rather than just going straight for Amazon….but the results were worth it.

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