Hello world!

Hello world!

Hello world!

You and I have heard it’s best to dive right in and start playing with new technology. I have learned that “they” are right… Here’s how I got started and you should, too.

I started LinkedIn over 2 years ago on the advice of a business associate and got as far as filling out my current position. Lame.

Since most techies don’t understand just what it is that the non-techies don’t understand, a lot of LinkedIn features were not immediately apparent to me. And the advantages of it were not apparent to me, either. It seemed like networking for the sake of networking and that just wasn’t enough to entice me then.

Since then, my work world has changed dramatically and so has the world of social media. It has actually become an enjoyable experience since others have pointed out to me that I can use SM to help others – as I have all along – but on a much broader scale. Glorious!

I have been tweeting now for a couple of months and concurrently developing my LinkedIn page. I am still bored with Facebook and am only driven to visit there via guilt from friends and associates who thrive there.

In recent months, I have actually been scolded for not having a blog. I had started one over a year ago, but because my writing there had been so stilted due to a sense that I had to compose purposefully at all times, I let it die a merciful death.

After some conversation and research, I have learned more about the true impetus of successful blogging and ergo – Bizcommunicator’s Blog is launched.

I hope to have some company soon! Let’s talk about small biz – all topics are welcome and my purpose here is to help you grow and begin loving your business all over again.


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